Ditch Your Membership In the Chafe Club

We’ve all seen it. The girl running with the chafe gait. Many times, we’ve been that girl. Every step brings you deeper into the seven circles of hell. From a 5K to a marathon, it can happen. Those shorts that perfectly match your shirt ride higher with every step. That super cute skirt that only comes with booty shorts. They lead you down a dangerous path. One that your mother warned you about. That’s when you become a member of the Chafe Club.

You manage to finish the race, and hobble to the bathroom for what you expect to be a calming shower. And then BOOM! As soon as that water hits your chafe club membership card, it’s as though pure alcohol is streaming from that devious showerhead, straight onto your thighs. And it’s time to scream.

Scream, girl, scream! Let it all out. And then resolve to never let it happen again. Trade in your membership in the chafe club for one with Team Happy Puppies.

Happy Puppies Athleticwear is designed to prevent chafing. Our shorts have longer legs so they won’t ride up. The seams are cover-stitched to allow your thighs to rub as gently as a summer breeze.  

And our bottoms all have pockets large enough to hold your phone, fuel, and even your anti-chafe stick. Which you can pass on to the next member of the Chafe Club you see. Because your thighs won’t need it anymore.

Purchase your membership in Team Happy Puppies here.