Value September 27 2015

This morning, after a difficult 16.5 miles, my friends and I stopped at Starbucks to refuel.  As I walked out, with a drink in each hand (both for me!), I happened to look down.  There, in the middle of the parking lot, was a penny.  It had been driven over many times, it was tarnished and pretty well beaten up.  I started to walk past it, stopped, and somehow managed to pick up that penny without spilling a drop of my precious caffeine.

Found pennies are special to me, as since our mom passed away four years ago, my sister and I have found numerous coins in very odd places.  We look at them as pennies from heaven, so there was no way that I could walk past this one.

I got to my car, and took this picture.  And then I started to think about the penny.  Even though it is old and dented, it still holds the same value, and we all know the value of a penny when a purchase rings up to $5.01!

Just like that penny, we retain our value.  We are all priceless, and just like that penny is my newfound treasure, you, too are a treasure.  As we age, our skin sags, we gain weight. (I don't think that drinks from Starbucks with a mound of whipped cream are helping my waistline.  Still, they're worth it!)  We get wrinkles, our hair grays, yet each and every one of us hold on to our worth.

Even on our worst days, we remain valuable.   We are all priceless gifts.  Sometimes, we just need to find a penny to remind us.

With love and penny-filled wishes,