9/11 September 11 2015

Fourteen years ago, our nation watched in horror as the events of 9/11 unfolded before our eyes. I was nine months pregnant, at our home, just 45 miles away from New York City. Our hearts broke that day, but like the phoenix, we have risen from the ashes.

When I sobbed to a friend that I didn't want to bring my child into this world, he turned to me and said that bringing my child into the world is exactly what we need, because he knew that my husband and I would raise him to be a good person.

In memory and honor of all of the good people we lost that day, and in the days since, let's all be the very best people we can be. Love one another. Respect everyone's differences. Be courageous. Stand up for yourselves and those who are weaker.

Let's truly be the United States of America, because together we will never be defeated.