The Power in the Run August 26 2015

There is an amazing power that comes from running.  We can feel it, deep in our souls.  

The rhythmic pounding of feet, the whoosh of heaving breathing.  The sweat that drips from our brows.  Power.

Running allows us to escape from our lives.  We can leave all of our problems behind.  Take control when we feel helpless.  We become powerful.  

Our pace doesn't matter.  Our distance doesn't either, nor does our size.  The challenge is up to us.

That feeling when we return from a long run.  The soreness in our muscles.  We are getting stronger with every step, and our muscles are screaming their thanks.  (Okay, so the thanks is implied...they really do appreciate it, as angry as they might feel.)  We are strong.

We can hit the road alone if we need time to recharge.  We can run with friends if we need to socialize.  We can think things through, we can talk things over.  Amazing ideas come to us while we move.  Running helps us to become empowered.

Something so simple can do so much.  Let's embrace the power.  Let's get out and run.