Life August 20 2015

The past few weeks have been a blur. Vacations, back to school shopping, and for the Pita Crew, it's football time -- not only youth, but we've just added high school. It's exhausting. But, life is an endurance event, and times like this call for lying back, relaxing, and enjoying. This isn't a sprint, and no one's getting out of here alive.

Life often doesn't go as we plan or hope.  But we need to keep plodding on.  We can do it.  And there's always a bright spot in the gloomiest day.  My day today was pretty horrible.  Car broken down kind of horrible.  Burn the hand on boiling water kind of ridiculous.  (Yeah.  Completely bone headed maneuver.)

BUT, today I spent the morning with my sweet Josh.  The boy who battled cancer and won.  And that's enough to brighten any horrible day.

So, while I'm sitting at the football field, watching my boys practice this evening, I'll pretend I'm lying back in the warm sand, smiling.  Because as horrible as a day can be, life itself is pretty darn amazing.

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