Enough August 12 2015

There are many times during a day when I wonder if I am "enough." 

Am I a good enough mother?
Am I a good enough wife?
Am I a good enough friend?

I know I'm not the only one who questions herself, and I have found the answer for all of us.  The answer is yes. Yes, we are all "enough."  

Did you survive the day?   You've done enough.

Are your kids still in pajamas at half past three in the afternoon?  Follow up question: are they relatively clean and dry?  You've done enough.

Are you the best person you can possibly be?  Then you've done enough.  You are enough.

My children are happy and healthy, participate in all kinds of sports, and we do all kinds of volunteering.  And my house is a mess.  I mean, a disaster.  The house is clean-ish, but I choose my enough, and I turn a blind eye to the chaos that comes with four boys and two parents who work.  Our walls have holes because some future MLB pitchers were practicing in their closets.  Our walls have graffiti because we have a child with an obsession with sharpies.  We have pet hair on the couch, because we love to snuggle with our fur babies.  Our house is full of kids all the time, some mine, others borrowed, because our door is always open, and our fridge is always full.  We are all enough.

I admit: I look longingly at photos that friends share, which show their nice, neat houses.  But I don't know what's beyond what I can see in that picture.  Their enough might seem amazing, until you look closer and see that they are just like everyone else.  So, I try not to compare myself to others.

My enough is just that.  Enough.  Just like yours.