I Caught Myself April 22 2015

Yep. I was doing it again. Frowning at my belly. Poking at my butt. Wishing I had more muscle, less fluff. Better hair. Fewer wrinkles. Looking in the mirror today, there really wasn't much I liked. 

And then I realized just what I was doing. I was criticizing things that, in all honesty, I wouldn't change in a heartbeat. 

My hair is short because last year I shaved my head for St. Baldrick's, in honor of my son, the cutest cancer survivor ever.  My muscles are strong. I can throw a cranky seven year old over my shoulder to save an outing.  My legs can propel 175 pounds of awesome through 26.2 miles.  These arms that wobble when I run hug four boys to celebrate in joy and to comfort in heartache.   This squishy stomach is where sick boys lay their heads while I rub their backs.  This pancake butt....

Well, maybe I'll throw some extra squats into my routine tomorrow. 

Too often we are critical of ourselves.  Flaws are what make us who we are. Differences make us unique. We learn through mistakes. 

I really do like myself. And I wish you the same.