Team Happy Puppies, Meet Shari March 27 2015

I would not be here without the support of some amazing women.  Together, we make up Team Happy Puppies.  They've helped with clothing design, worked at race expos with me, talked me off a cliff when I'm stressed out.  They are my people.

I think that you will be inspired by these amazing women, just like I am.  So, I would like to share their stories with you, starting with team member Shari.

I met Shari through Team In Training.  Though I live in South Florida and she lived in Minnesota, we bonded over the phone, as we planned fundraisers and virtual races, and plotted our path to crush cancer.  We finally met in person at Disney's Princess half marathon in February, 2013, and we've been as thick as thieves ever since.  My heart soared when I found out that Shari's husband got a job down here and she was going to telecommute to the job that she loves.   

Shari is an incredible person.  She was in a car accident that broke her back, and to this day causes horrible pain.  But Shari doesn't let that pain stop her.  In fact, she didn't start running until AFTER the car accident.  As of Friday, March 27, 2015, Shari has completed 20 events, including 11 half marathons.  But that number will change in 24 hours, because she will participate in yet another half marathon tomorrow.

Inspirational?  Yes.  Best friend anyone could ever ask for?  Yes.  Free shipping code in her honor?  Heck, yes.  Use code ShariRocks at checkout to receive free shipping within the US.  Shop here: