Memorial Day May 26 2016

For many people, Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of summer.  It's time for barbecues, the beach, and white pants (though I prefer to wear them year round).  It means freedom from school, and happiness.  But while you're enjoying this long weekend, please take a moment to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.  It's a day to remember our fallen soldiers -- those who have died to preserve our freedom.

If you stop to think about it, the sacrifice made by these brave men and women is truly astounding.  They gave their lives to protect us: strangers, just random people who are lucky enough to live in the United States.  Sadly, most will remain unknown to us; however, I have been spending a lot of time visiting Honor the Fallen, and I highly recommend that you take a bit of time to read about the heroes who have given their lives during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn.  

With gratitude to:

Army Pfc. Keith M. Williams, 19.  Died 7/24/14

Air Force Senior Airman Quinn L. Johnson-Harris, 21.  Died 10/2/15

Marine Master Sgt. Aaron C. Torian, 36.  Died 2/15/14

Army Capt. Jennifer M. Moreno, 25.  Died 10/6/13

Army Staff Sgt. Lyle D. Turnbull, 31.  Died 10/18/13

Navy Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jonathan S. Gibson, 32.  Died 9/22/13

Army Lt. Col. Jaimie E. Leonard, 39.  Died 6/8/13

Army 1st Lt. Matthew G. Fazzari, 25.  Died 6/6/12

Marine Cpl. Aaron M. Faust, 22.  Died 4/15/12

Marine Cpl. Jon-Luke Bateman, 22. Died 1/15/12

Army 1st. Lt. Ashley I. White, 24.  Died 10/22/11

Army 2nd Lt. Jered W. Ewy, 33.  Died 7/29/11

Air Force Staff Sgt. Andrew S. Bubacz, 23.  Died 11/12/10

And the hundreds of thousands of other men and women who have made the greatest sacrifice throughout our history.  You have built this country.  You have made it great.  You have kept my babies safe, and I will be forever grateful for your bravery and strength.  

With Love and the Deepest Gratitude,