We've Had to Make a Difficult Decision.

To My Dear, Wonderful Customers,

 Thank you very much for your support over the past five years.  Owning an athleticwear company with sizes that fit most women has been an absolute dream, and your kindness and the love  for my products that you have shown has filled my heart.  But sometimes dreams must change.

 My teenage boys are pursuing dreams of their own, and as they work harder I’m finding myself pulled in too many directions.  In order to dedicate the time I feel is necessary to my children I have been spending less and less time building Happy Puppies Athleticwear.  And now my husband and I have made the difficult decision to close the business.

 I will cherish the time I have spent running the business, and most importantly the people I have met through HPA.

 I hope that you and your families stay well.  And I’ll miss you all.

 With Love,






We're not your average athleticwear company.

Our clothes are designed with the curves of a woman's body in mind.

Our thighs rub. It's a fact. That's just how our bodies are made. Our bottoms are designed to provide adequate coverage without riding up. Our shirts are generously cut to provide a flattering fit.

Clearly we love dogs, and we show off that love in our popular paw print skirts.

A few facts about our company:

Our clothes are made in the US.  In fact, when our runs are finished we head down to the factory and load up the truck with our finished products.  Opening those boxes is the highlight of our week!

We don't charge extra for larger sizes.  Ever.  We don't want to pay more, and we don't think you should! 

We give a portion of every sale to charity.  Laura's son is a leukemia survivor.  He's alive today because of people who raised the money to fund leukemia research.  We are paying it forward because we understand just how lucky we are.